Message of the Principal

Principal's Message

Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, in a book of Christian Pedagogy, says, "We do not want our students to be ignorant of anything they should know. To this end, we shall avoid no sacrifice. We shall always place education side-by-side with instruction; the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart."

Yes, this is what St. Joseph Higher Secondary is all about - educating minds and hearts of all our students at all times during their stay here. Students of classes 11 and 12 are more particularly important to us as this period of their study represents a special turning point in their lives. It poses on them a challenge of not only growing up, but also a challenge of dealing with academic issues that are quite different and humongous; and that this has to be assimilated within a short span of time. Therefore, it is imperative for all our teachers and staff to place optimum importance in the rearing of these students. In view of that end, we would like to be vigilant in all aspects of our students' scholastic as well other human growth concerns.

This prospectus is an attempt to highlight a number of areas that pertains to the student-life here at St. Joseph School. This gives a historical overview of the beginnings of this institution along with its aims and goals (Advancing in wisdom and virtue), educational standard and courses, campus and its facilities, admission and other procedures, disciplinary issues, various clubs and their activities, co- and extra-curricular activities, and a host of other information. Students and their parents are humbly requested to read all matters included in this prospectus to make sure that they have all been understood and attended to at their highest possible levels.

Welcome to all our new students! Enjoy your time here. Get involved in different activities along side with your studies. This would help you become better human persons. Your minds and hearts will be educated. You will get something of value not only for yourself, also for others in the society.