Vision and Goal

Vision and Goals

The words "Advancing in Wisdom and Virtue" in the monogram of the institution best serves the purpose and goals of the institution. The prime goals of the institution are to impart quality education to the students, get them possessed with the best of human qualities, make them aware of their rights and responsibilities, develop their leadership quality, promote their sense of morality, social values, fellow feeling and brotherhood and thus creating a complete man. St. Joseph is not only an academic institution, but a place where creativity is nurtured and nourished, individuality is developed at full pelt and social commitment is embedded. Leaders are not born, they are created here.

The students who receive an education at St. Joseph Higher Secondary School receive an excellent education in the Holy Cross tradition. The philosophy of educating both the mind and the heart develops not only the intellectual gifts of the students for their pursuit of innumerable opportunities but, most importantly, it instills, through the love of the heart, communal responsibility for the good of society and a genuine compassion for the less fortunate who need help and understanding in finding their way through life.