Uttom Halder

Uttom Halder is an English language teacher who has been working in St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Dhaka, Bangladesh for the last 18 years. As the Chief Moderator of the Josephite Language and Reading Club, Mr. Halder organizes language festivals every year. He has a Bachelor and a Master Degree in English language teaching. He has conducted numerous workshops for the students aged 8 ? 16. Being the prefect of discipline, he conducts the daily assembly in his school and serves as one of the student counselors. Mr. Halder is a trained scout leader who loves camping with the boy scouts. He promotes the idea and practice of community service among his students. He conducts English lessons for the High school students in the national TV channel. He also writes columns for students in different daily newspapers. Mr. Halder has great interests on English language learning and teaching. He is an ILEP alumnus who had a unique opportunity of studying in Georgia Southern University. He also taught in Screven Count