Principal’s message for School

'Society has a greater need for people of values than it has for scholars', reflected Fr. Moreau in his writings on Christian Education. Fr. Basile A. Moreau, a French priest, and educator founded the Congregation of Holy Cross in the era of post-French revolution realizing the dearth of values and true education in the society. The essence and demand of this statement are still on the rise, and in fact, a crucial need that will continue to persist ahead. Educational institutions in Bangladesh and around the world design and implement academic programs to prepare the students for facing the changing world that emerges with contemporary and advanced knowledge, emotional intelligence, moral and ethical values of life. An educational institution is one of the primary places for imparting modern-day knowledge, inculcating and cultivating values in young students, and thus producing people of values.

Brother Jude Costello, CSC, an American Holy Cross Brother, founded St. Joseph English Medium School — a General Certificate of Education (GCE) institution under Cambridge University Curriculum, in 1954 at Narinda, Dhaka. The aims of the school were to guide students for Cambridge curriculum-based examinations and create scholars and prepare persons with values to live and lead in the world. As time went on, the realities of the world changed and revolutionized, the needs of the people varied, knowledge and technology advanced, numerous complicated and unusual issues affected and impacted human life. Regardless of all, the needs of scholars and people with values in society continued to remain in dire need.।

Holy Cross educational traditions believe that 'Education transforms minds and hearts of young learners.' Therefore, the mind should not be cultivated at the expense of the heart and students must not be deprived of anything they need to know and education will assist them in growing till maturity. We never want our students to be ignorant of anything they should know. We shall avoid no sacrifice to accomplish this. We always place education and instruction side-by-side.

Fr. Moreau states that knowledge itself may not bring about positive values, but positive values influence knowledge and put it to good use. The experience Fr. Moreau gained while working and rebuilding the education sector in the post-French Revolution society, prompted him to introduce Holy Cross traditions and pedagogy of education which is still in progress wherever Holy Cross works. The reflection and application of Holy Cross tradition and pedagogy in educational institutions create greater scope for the complete development of a person.

Conferring to Holy Cross tradition, the purpose of education is the complete development of a person - intellectual advancement, emotional, moral, spiritual, and physical growth. To date, the Congregation of Holy Cross around the world holds these Holy Cross traditions and pedagogies of education and conducts schools, colleges, and universities and transforms the minds and hearts of the students. At St. Joseph, we commit ourselves to inculcate Holy Cross traditions of education as well as human values in our students, empower them to make a difference and benefit society and the world. St. Joseph English Medium School moved from Shah Shaheb Lane, Narinda to Asad Avenue, Mohammedpur in 1965. With the adoption of the Bangladesh National Curriculum, the institution became St. Joseph High School in 1972. In 1999, it added grade 11 and turned to St. Joseph High School & College, later St. Joseph Higher Secondary School. All the way, St. Joseph continued creating scholars cultivating values through excellence and advanced education, co-curricular activities, and life skills.

St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, here at Asad Avenue has a spacious campus in a combination of picturesque greenery and artistic infrastructure giving the students ample scope to connect with nature. Nearly 3000 students study in this institution dreaming to mold themselves as global citizens. The uniqueness of St. Joseph lies in its cultural diversity. We welcome students from ethnic groups and enrich our diversity. At St. Joseph, we equally emphasize excellence in academics and extracurricular activities to facilitate achievements. The multifarious extra-curricular activities organized by a number of clubs unleash the latent talents of the students. We offer a well-rounded education that aims at the complete development of a person. Well-equipped faculty, staff members, counselors, and year-round activities are in place to guide and lead the students to achieve this goal. Our enriched library as well as the well-equipped labs facilitate students to become autonomous learners acquiring great analytical power and critical thinking ability.

St. Joseph believes educating children is a joint effort of teachers and parents. We urge the parents to stay connected with the school, teachers, and the children and to take an interest in their lives. Our teaching and non-teaching staff are our strengths. Round the year, they nurture the students, stimulating their minds and hearts, and bringing out their aptitudes. As a last resort, we all focus on molding them as ‘Josephites’. This school has made significant contributions to the community by creating social change-makers like scholars, leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, lawmakers, and other professionals.

It is noteworthy that St. Joseph runs a ‘Literacy School’ where about 200 underprivileged students from the neighborhoods get free education. We believe the identity of being a ‘Josephite’ is reflected in a student’s knowledge, values, aptitude, and ethics which are instilled by this institution.

I appreciate your interest in our institution for your child's education and I welcome you all to St. Joseph Higher Secondary School.

Br. Leo James Pereira PhD


St. Joseph Higher Secondary School